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1933 Shanghai: Art Deco Abattoir

The distinctive facade of 1933 Shanghai.

Gathered here are several photographs from a brief walk around 1933 Shanghai (上海1933老场坊), an unusual slaughterhouse in Hóngkǒu 虹口, part of the former Shanghai International Settlement. Designed by a British architect in an arguably Art Deco style and built with imported cement in 1933, it was recently renovated and transformed into a hub for the creative industries. Seeing as how this is Shanghai, several high-quality English language articles have already been published about it, so I will hereby refer you to Atlas Obscura, Shanghai Art Deco, Mas Context, Randomwire, and La Casa Park for more information and informed analysis.

Peering up from the depths of the old slaughterhouse.
The miracle of concrete takes on new forms in this shadowy realm.
Air bridges across the atrium. Apparently cattle were led along these bridges to their ultimate end.
1933 Shanghai is a popular spot for photographs… so much so that it was difficult to capture anything at all without people in the frame. This one, at least, suits the mood.
What I would assume are the doors cattle were driven through. Nowadays they accommodate designers and tourists like myself.
A closer look at a roughshod column out front.
No slaughterhouse is complete without a Starbucks.
An oblique look at the facade of 1933 Shanghai.
One last glance at 1933 Shanghai.

I’d like to thank this shadowy blogger and Tong Lam for bringing 1933 Shanghai to my attention. For a more original take on something in the vicinity have a look at my write-up about this half-demolished neighbourhood nearby.


  1. Did u manage to check this place out? Trying to find out if it’s still around. Chekkit anyways. Awesome images…
    – Rach

    1. Rach: yes, I was there. It was alright! There are abandoned places around but everything I found was securely boarded or bricked up. The pace of urban renewal is blinding fast in Shanghai from what little I experienced.

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